Jean Monnet Module on European and African studies: a multidimensional and comparative approach

About the project.

Discover the transformative EU-Africa project, a beacon of hope for Somalia emerging from three decades of political and economic turmoil. Delve into the collaboration between the African Union and European Union, which birthed the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Witness the future political leaders of Somalia become specialists in various fields, as they explore and compare the European and African regional integration processes.

Join us on this captivating journey as we deliver multidisciplinary courses, create study materials, and publish insightful scientific articles. Engage with stakeholders and the wider public through our open events, while we strive to build a better future for Somalia through education and understanding. Together, we’ll foster strong ties between Europe and Africa, using their shared experiences to promote progress and unity.

Project Team

Dr. Adam Sheikh Said

Project manager and coordinator

PhD  candidate in Public health, Health system, Global Health.

Dr. Abdikariim Sheikh Mohamed Hassan

Senior lecturer

PhD in Business Administration from International Astrolabe University. University Rector at Horseed International University (HIU).Director at SOHDEC Under WAMY-Somalia.

Ahmed Mohamoud (Okiyo)


Master of Business Administration in project management from Open University of Malaysia. 10 + years’ experience instructing university students while simultaneously leading administrative and teaching activities.

Osman Hassan Salah


Master’s degree in politics and international relations from International Islamic University Islamabad. Experience at Somalia NGOs and civil societies. Researcher and human rights advocate.

Okiya Jimmy


Master of Laws (LLM), Associate Lecturer, Director, Center for Research and Development, Horseed International University 

Dr. Abdifatah Omar Ga’al


PhD in Business Administration at International Astrolabe University. Lecturer at Horseed International University (HIU) in international economics, International Relations/Public Relations.

Abdifatah Dahir Harun


Master of Business Administration (MBA),  Associate Lecturer of  Business Administration, Director,  Admin and Finance, Horseed International University

Mrs. Najma Hassan Awale


Master of Business Administration (MBA),  Associate Lecturer,
Dean, Center for Postgraduate Students, Horseed International University


History of the European Union
and African Union

Prof. in charge: Dr. Abdikariim Sheikh Mohamed Hassan

This course explores the histories of the European Union and African Union, delving into their origins, establishment, and consolidation. It examines contemporary Europe’s challenges and the development of the African Union, highlighting the main obstacles both unions face in today’s global context.

Didactic material

  • Lecture 1: The idea of Europe: the origins
  • Lecture 2: The establishment of the European Communities
  • Lecture 3: The consolidation of the European Union
  • Lecture 4: Contemporary Europe and current challenges
  • Lecture 5: The origin of the African Union
  • Lecture 6: The establishment of the African Union and its main challenges

European Union politics: a comparision with the Africa Union

Prof. in charge: Abdifatah Dahir Harun

This course offers a comparative analysis of European Union and African Union politics, focusing on their respective institutions and decision-making processes. Students will gain insight into the main policies of the European Union and explore how these two influential unions navigate the complex world of international politics.

Didactic material

  • Lecture 1 : The EU Institutions
  • Lecture 2: The decision making process at the European Union
  • Lecture 3: The decision making process at the European Union
  • Lecture 4: The decision making process in the African Union (AU)
  • Lecture 5: The main policies of the European Union

Economy of the European Union and African Union

Prof. in charge: Ahmed Mohamoud (Okiyo)

Explore the economies of the European Union and African Union in this course, delving into the EU common market, macroeconomics of monetary integration, and monetary & fiscal policies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic landscape and challenges faced by both unions in today’s globalized world.

Didactic material

  • Lecture 1: The European Union economy
  • Lecture 2: The EU common market
  • Lecture 3: The Macroeconmics of Monetary Integration
  • Lecture 4: EU Monetary and Fiscal Policies
  • Lecture 5: The economomy of the African Union

The EU law and African Union law: a comparative analysis

Prof. in charge: Okiya Jimmy

Discover a comparative analysis of EU and African Union law in this course, covering lawmaking processes, constitutional principles, competition policies, and human rights. Learn about the African Union Model Law and gain insights into the legal frameworks shaping these two influential regional organizations.

Didactic material

  • Lecture 1: EU law making and sources of laws
  • Lecture 2: The constitutional principles of EU law
  • Lecture 3: The EU Competition policy
  • Lecture 4: EU human rights
  • Lecture 5: The African Union Model Law

The EU external policy: diplomatic relations between EU and African region

Prof. in charge: Osman Hassan Salah

Explore the EU’s external policy and diplomatic relations with Africa in this engaging course. Delve into the nature of EU foreign policy, its policy-making system, trade, development, and external actions. Gain insights into the EU’s relations with other regions and its specific relationship with the African continent.

Didactic material

  • Lecture 1: The Nature of EU Foreign Policy
  • Lecture 2: The EU’s Foreign Policy System: Policy-making
  • Lecture 3: Trade, Development and Other External Action of the European Union
  • Lecture 4: European COVID-19 vaccination and economic impact on the multi-annual EU financial program
  • Lecture 5: The Relations between the European Union and Africa

European Union’s international cooperation and development policy

Prof. in charge: Dr. Abdifatah Omar Ga’al

Discover the EU’s international cooperation and development policy in this informative course. Examine the evolution, institutional framework, and involvement in the Global Development Agenda. Learn about the ACP-EU cooperation and explore the perspectives and prospects of Africa’s collaboration with the EU in the development sphere

Didactic material

  • Lecture 1: Evolution of the EU cooperation and development policy
  • Lecture 2: Institutional framework of the EU cooperation and development policy
  • Lecture 3: The EU and the Global Development Agenda
  • Lecture 4: African, Caribbean and Pacific ACP–EU development cooperation
  • Lecture 5: Africa and the EU: Perspectives and Prospects of cooperation

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