Today, we conducted a wonderful, intriguing & unprecedented conference on European and African Studies. The key presenters who presented their conference papers in relation to European & African Studies were: Mr. Okiya Jimmy Jansky, Director Center for Research & Development, who presented a paper titled: The European Union- Somalia cooperation: Areas, Achievements, Challenges & Opportunities; Mr. Mohamed Abdi Ismail, Dean of Center for Postgraduate Studies, presented a paper titled: The impact of European Union’s Economic & Political Policies towards Somalia; Mr. Isak Hussein Hassan, Head of Examinations Department, presented a paper titled: The role of the European Union in promoting regional integration, sustainable development & conflict resolution in Somalia; & lastly, Mr. Nasuru Okello Eton, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Social Sciences, presented a paper titled: Comparative analysis of European Union Foreign Policy & African Union Foreign Policy: A study of Objectives, Strategies & Challenges. Additionally, we also had glorious presentations on European Union’s Africa projects from Assistant Professor Hagos Tesfay from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia & Dr. Phetole Mahasa from University of Pretoria, South Africa. Lastly, we had great presentation on the comments and criticisms on all the four papers presented at the conference by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Farah (Bursaliid).